What is ADIT Ventures?

ADIT Ventures is a family-office owned late stage Venture capital firm. We were founded in 2014 at the request of several families seeking to invest in late-stage Venture backed companies.


Where do you source the shares?

ADIT Ventures has a broad network of relationships across the angel, hedge fund, PE, Private investor and VC community whereby we can source shares for many privately-held, VC-backed firm. Our combined investment experience of 100 years provides us in-depth knowledge and perspective from which to make a decision.

What are the fees?

ADIT Ventures charges an annual management fee of 1% on assets, as well as a 20% incentive fee on gains over an 8% hurdle rate. 100% of the aftermarket performance goes to our investors. Each partnership pays its own ongoing operating expenses for audit and fund administration. We provide quarterly statements and annual audits to our investors.


Where are the shares held?

Typically the shares are held by the underlying target company, or their legal counsel, until there is a liquidity event, when the shares can be delivered out by the corporate transfer agent directly to an investor’s brokerage account.